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If you haven't picked up your copy or a gift copy for someone you know who is or will be taking Biblical Hebrew now is the perfect time to order your copies. Large Hebrew font is used for ease of reading. Are you struggling with memorizing and learning Biblical Hebrew vocabulary? Students will learn how to inductively keep words that sound alike in Hebrew distinct.

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No rote memory work required! We are pleased to see that out of products on Amazon.

This text is a complete system of memorization for Biblical Hebrew paradigms, girl scout of the philippines handbook pdf not a Hebrew Grammar. Learn how to master Hebrew homophones by learning this one-of-a-kind system for conquering Biblical Hebrew vocabulary! Master over Biblical Hebrew words! It is easily adaptable to any standard Hebrew grammar or as a stand alone vocabulary guide and builder.

The ancients had prodigious memories.

Be glad and rejoice with all your heart, O daughter of Jerusalem! Videos Blog About Us Contact. Click on the Cover to Order Your Copy!

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Because they were equipped with principles and techniques to memorize. Based on Ancient and Proven Memory Techniques this unique, and previously unseen method of memorization will help you master Biblical Hebrew! Blair Kasfeldt's approach to memorization and application of Biblical Hebrew words is a God send! Memorize by using your Imagination!

Visual prompts are included with each word to help memorize Hebrew vocabulary! Biblical Hebrew Made Easy! Large Hebrew print is used for easy reading.

There was a necessity for their memory. Kasfeldt moves the learner away from rote memorization to the world of mnemonics. Click here for larger version.

Available in all eBook Reader Formats. Top Rated Result on Amazon! How to differentiate between words that sound-alike homophones in Hebrew with ease. Great for seminarians, pastors and anyone learning Biblical or Classical Hebrew!

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Quickly master your Hebrew Vocabulary with this unique books. Pick up your copies Today before the sale is over! This text is a complete system of memorization for Biblical Hebrew paradigms and vocabulary, not a Hebrew Grammar. It is amazing how it works! How to Develop a Good Memory.