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In an even rarer type of polyandry, more than one male may mate with a single female with the resultant offspring reared collectively by the female and her mates. The flying birds have a strongly keeled breastbone, or sternum, to which the flight muscles are attached. University of California Press. Migratory species are particularly vulnerable because they are dependent on suitable habitat in both their winter and spring ranges.

These myths of creation and kingship reveal the prominent role played by birds in the formation of the cosmic order. Populations sank to approximately nesting pairs during the s and s. Indeed, royalty has never severed its symbolic ties with the sun and the eagle.

Bald eagles prey primarily on fish, water birds, and turtles. The pigeon family, flamingos and penguins have adaptations to produce a nutritive fluid called crop milk that they provide to their chicks. Fernbank Science Center's Ornithology Web. For other uses, see Aves disambiguation and Avifauna disambiguation.

Female birds have sperm storage mechanisms that allow sperm from males to remain viable long after copulation, a hundred days in some species. The bald eagle Haliaeetus leucocephalus is a raptor with special status in the United States. The critical habitat covered nearly miles of streams and rivers in California, Arizona, and New Mexico. Governments and conservation groups work to protect birds, either by passing laws that preserve and restore bird habitat or by establishing captive populations for reintroductions. The high mobility conferred by flight permits birds to colonize even the most remote areas.

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Specialized bills are found in the crossbill, hummingbird, spoonbill, pelican, and woodpecker. Print this article Print all entries for this topic Cite this article. Short, fluffy, down feathers that are closest to the skin serve as insulation. Passerines are examples of altricial species. Feathers being critical to the survival of a bird, require maintenance.

This is important because their high level of activity requires that they eat often. Charadriiformes waders and relatives. Chromogisaurus Pampadromaeus? In addition to food, birds must have water, which they either drink or obtain from the foods they eat.

Birds have a four-chambered heart and a double circulation of the blood, with complete separation of oxygenated and de-oxygenated blood. Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs. Learn more about citation styles Citation styles Encyclopedia. Because each style has its own formatting nuances that evolve over time and not all information is available for every reference entry or article, psihologia poporului roman draghicescu pdf Encyclopedia. Acryllium Agelastes Guttera Numida.

In nearly all species of birds, an individual's sex is determined at fertilisation. Other birds simply have toes that enable them to perch on branches.

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The diversity of characteristics of birds is great, sometimes even in closely related species. But monogamous versus polygamous relationships are not rigidly fixed in some species. In the cults of Dumuzi and Adonis, the goddess appears as a mother who laments over her son's captivity in the underworld and descends there to rescue him, to raise him from the dead. They are thought to have evolved over million years ago from a Mesozoic reptilian ancestor.

Phoenicopteriformes flamingos Podicipediformes grebes. They may also have other adaptations such as allowing their body temperature to rise, saving on moisture loss from evaporative cooling or panting. Court battles began over continued logging in national forest habitats. They announce new situations in advance and serve as guides.

Cyclostomata Myxini hagfish Hyperoartia lampreys. Some birds have also demonstrated the capacity to fall into slow-wave sleep one hemisphere of the brain at a time. One order, the Passeriformes or perching birds, accounts for more than half of the living species of birds. Journal of Biblical Literature. Opisthocomiformes hoatzin.

The coastal California gnatcatcher Polioptila californica californica is a small, gray and black songbird known for its kitten-like mewing call. Eggs vary in size, number, color, and shape. Caelestiventus Dimorphodon.

Birds do not have a urinary bladder or external urethral opening and with exception of the ostrich uric acid is excreted along with faeces as a semisolid waste. Carniadactylus Eudimorphodon. The main purpose of the guard stage is to aid offspring to thermoregulate and protect them from predation. Birds play an important role in the ecosystem an area in which living things interact with each other and the environment.

Library resources about Bird. Instead, the breastbone is shaped like a turtle's shell. Bergamodactylus Campylognathoides.

In Finnish and Estonian cosmogonic myths, God flies down as a bird onto the primeval ocean and lays on it the cosmic eggs from which the world emerges. Ruby-throated hummingbird Archilochus colubris. Xixiposaurus Yimenosaurus. Phylogeny and classification of birds.

Guano bird excrement is harvested for use as a fertiliser. Their powerful flight muscles are used for swimming instead of flying.

Perching birds have a unique foot structure with three toes in front and one large flexible toe to the rear. The Birds of North America.

Historically whooping cranes lived across the Great Plains and southeast coast of the United States. Birds have a relatively long neck and their mandibles are modified into a keratinous beak. Birds belong to the class Aves, which contains dozens of orders. Most birds loose their old feathers each year, these being replaced by new ones molting. Compared with other vertebrates, birds have a body plan that shows many unusual adaptations, mostly to facilitate flight.

Bird encyclopedia pdf

Some birds may employ a variety of foraging methods to find their food, while others may have a much narrower range of techniques. The nervous system is large relative to the bird's size. The bird feeds on insects and prefers riparian areas dense vegetation near rivers or streams for its habitat. Migration is highly demanding energetically, particularly as birds need to cross deserts and oceans without refuelling. Most of them breed near the North Pole in the spring and spend their winters anywhere from the southern United States to South America.

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This small bird has a grayish-green back and wings with a pale yellow belly and white-colored throat. Avian hearts are generally larger than mammalian hearts when compared to body mass. Moulting patterns vary across species. Birds are believed to have evolved from saurischian dinosaurs about million years ago.

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