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The revelations hinge on the fact that Navarro is oblivious to his wife's real needs, which would be fine except the idiot never asks the obvious questions. Roosevelt Four Freedoms Award.

American Academy of Achievement. Spoilers ahead, but I'm not going to hide the review.

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The couple ended their relationship amid scandal when Fuentes eloped with a very pregnant and then-unknown journalist named Silvia Lemus. The book is comical at times with Vlad's fake toupee and mustache, business letters book pdf but this novella is truly scary and horrible.

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No padding needed, folks, when the story's already good. But yeah, this story isn't for people who don't want to read dark literature. Dark humor pervades the new tenant's many odd requests such as blackened windows, escape tunnel, and multiple drains. Tongue-in-cheeky, and faintly horrific. Because of two things that annoy me, and one thing that I have no evidence to support but find plausible and therefore ohfagawdsake-worthy.

Mexico portal Biography portal. They don't cause your death, unless you're lucky.

But in that incredibly short space of time, Fuentes manages to create a story more chilling than the original. In this space, it's an annoying rubber-headed hammer whacking my kneecap every fifth page.

Plus, the ending, which is left unresolved but hints at the fact that the Count brought their dead son back to life. Yves is only at the tip of the stake, as we who have read Dracula know, he is on course to losing everything to the immortal evil Count. As to the plausible-but-unproven detail, I return to that famous midcentury house, Casa Loma Alta.

Definitely go check them out, because they publish a lot of international books like this one that get overlooked by major publishers. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Why focus on this in a novel about vampires? There is no pandering to Hollywood and cheapening of the spirit of Bram Stoker's classic novel in this short work. Zurinaga is a powerful man in Mexico City, but he's very old and no longer comes into the office.

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This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. Wells and Anne Rice had a creepily precocious baby who wrote novels in crayon.

Magill's Survey of World Literature. Desea a las personas que amas.

Wikimedia Commons has media related to Carlos Fuentes. It's amusing to see a Mexican novelist of the stature of Carlos Fuentes have a try at the Dracula story. Carlos Fuentes according to this book is Mexico's most celebrated novelist and the premise was so interesting that I just had to check it out. Fuentes he doesn't seem to like women.

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Maybe it's something about wanting to believe in something despite the horror of it, but at this point who cares? Yves Navarro, the story's narrator and Jonathan Harker-esque character, is the second in command at Eloy Zurinaga's law firm. The translation seems masterful to me, but I don't read Spanish so have no way of knowing for sure. This time, it's all from the point of view of the Renfield character, who here is called Yves Novarro, a half-French half-Mexican attorney.

Don't go outside wearing only a negligee. This novella was pages long. They were disturbing and completed thrown in for an ick surprise factor and nothing else. In fact boycott its very existence. It seems cruel to in any way ridicule any paren It's not my cuppa.

Vlad is an entertaining and well-written horror story. This rooting in the historical elements of Vlad was my favorite part of the book. Nice count Dracula story that takes place in D. But on the other hand, what an incredible body of work. They are not blind and they are not anything like rats.