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Lathe Lathe Operations Types & Lathe Cutting Tools

Metal spinning, thermal spraying, woodturning and metalworking are the common operations performed with a lathe machine. Whatever material used in lathe machine whether metal or wood is molded first. Second, whilst I can easily see the leaps in reason you come up with, I am not really convinced of exactly how you appear to unite the points which inturn produce the actual conclusion. It is the main body of the machine.

The working of lathe machine is explained in later section of this article. It is four jaw and three jaw according to the requirement of machine. The top pf the bed is planned to form guide ways for the carriage and the tailstock. It is situated on the carriage. Large feed may cause unwanted temperature increase.

The main function of tail stock to support the job when required. It cut the metal from work piece. For this the parting tool is involved in slowly to make perform the operation. The feed also play main role during cutting.

It is the base or foundation of the lathe. Lathe is a machine that helps in shaping several material pieces in the desired shapes. The working of the lathe machine changes with every operation and cut desired. Special tools are used in order to perform these various operations.

The work piece is at the center or some eccentric according to the process perform. It is combination of many parts which works together to perform a desire function. It is a heavy rigid casting made in one piece. Carriage is made by cast iron. Now check the work piece is turning properly.

This is usually the first step of any lathe operation on the lathe machine. Tail stock situated on bed. Each lathe operation has got its own factors that need to be considered before doing the work.

Lathe Machine Parts Operations ME Mechanical

Barrel consists of a Dead Centre which is used to support a work piece. In a lathe machine the workpiece is held in a chuck or between the centres and rotated about the axis at a uniform speed. Today we have learnt about Lathe machine Parts, mechanical measurements by ds kumar pdf Operation and Working.

This chuck holds a work piece, so the work pieces also rotate. It is used in taper turning by giving an angle. It gives support to tool post.

The Centre Lathe

The Centre Lathe

This is something in between the parallel turning and facing off. The work that done by this machine is amazing. It used to perform turning, chamfering, boring, facing, internal threading, shaping, slot cutting etc.

Lathe machine Main Parts Operation and Working

The spindle is in the head box which rotates a shaft which is connected to the chuck. All main components are bolted on it. It moves back and forth to give depth of cut to the metal specimen by using hand wheel.

It moves along the guideways of the lathe. There are plenty of lathe that vary in sizes and shapes according to the work to be done. Your email address will not be published. There are a lot of operations used for using the lathe machine.

Lathe machine Main Parts Operation and Working

It can move by power or by hand. It is bolted on the carriage.

From a small bolt to a big shaft. How to crack the wifi password. It is situated between the head stock and tail stock.

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This operation is adopted in order to cut the metal parallel to the axis. It consist all controlling and moving mechanism of carriage.