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Failure to observe this warning could result in bodily injury. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Be sure you understand and follow the procedures and. When alert is corrected, the start-up will continue. The slider scale moves to the right or left as you touch either the plus or minus button.

Touch one of the button in the Equipment Settings column on the Settings screen, such as Chiller Settings. Both of these corrective actions try to reduce the lift experienced by the compressor and help prevent a surge condition. The refrigerant collects in the bottom of the motor casing and is then drained back into the cooler through the motor refrigerant drain line.

Trane AdaptiView Operation Manual

When touched, the buttons and touch targets open other screens that provide more information and control access. Touch Save to complete the change. Touch the button that shows that format you prefer.

Disconnect the transducer wiring. This ensures safety and prevents damage to the controller.

These buttons take you to another screen, where you can change the setting. Page Reports Reports You can use the Tracer AdaptiView display to view a variety of reports and to create and edit a custom report. Power to the controls, oil pump, and starter con- trol circuit should still be energized. Product causes eye and skin irritation. The new value appears above the keypad.

Valves, Regulators, Filters, Etc. Date and Time screen The current date and time for the display is expressed as the current value. All clearances for cylindrical surfaces are diametrical. There are two levels of security, each allowing specific changes to be made.

Use platform, catwalk, or staging. The data graph appears with changed Y-axes scales. The items included in the Log Sheet are those recommended by Trane.

Language screen The language that is currently in use on the display is expressed as the current value on the Language screen. This starter is used with low-voltage mo- tors under v. Increase this setting to increase guide vane response to a change in entering chilled water temperature.

When it is necessary to heat. Follow the procedures in the Pumpout and Refrigerant Transfer Procedures section when transferring refrigerant from one vessel to another. Component Screen Data Chiller configuration determines which of the following settings and status points appear on the display. Equalize refrigerant pressure.


Page Standing Vacuum Test Fig. For every graph, the X-axis shows time. The introduction of the wrong refrigerant can cause dam-. Outdoor Maximum Reset Valid numerical range appears on screen. Touch the button the appropriate source button on the Setpoint Source screen.


The screen saver also appears if you touch the animated graphic on the home screen. Use only refrigerant or dry. The Edit Custom Report screen appears. Page Main Menu Area Introduction Component screen settings Some settings appear on the component screens as buttons. Contact Carrier for further information on use of this chiller with other.

Dimensions are with rotor in thrust position. Also make sure you collect data before hand so that you can validate what the normal reading is because each chiller will be different. Decomposition products are. The accumulation of refriger-. The microprocessor control system matches the cooling capacity of the chiller to the cooling load while providing state-of-the-art chiller protection.

Electrical Apprenticeship Program Celebrates Graduates. The current value appears below the center line on the screen. The solid-state starters manufacturer name is located inside the starter access door. Piping connections must allow for access to the valve mechanism for periodic inspection and leak testing.

Carrier 19XR User Manual

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This will quickly tell them if they have a problem. Sudden release of the spring can cause it and objects in its path to act. On the Custom Report screen, touch Edit. To ac- cess the menus to perform checks and modifications, the Ben- shaw starter must be powered up and its self-test must have been successfully completed.

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If this does not correct the fault contact your Carrier representative. From the Settings screen, touch the Security button. Touch Add to move the selected item to the right box on the screen. Refrigerant in contact with an. Start-Up, Operation, and Maintenance Instructions.

The Settings screen appears with a Log in button on it. Page Other Alarm Indicators Alarms alarms. Alarms are communicated to the display immediately upon detection. Basic information about chiller status and control appears on the face of the buttons and touch targets.

Inspect Wiring Do not check the voltage supply without proper equipment and precautions. Oxygen gas reacts violently with oil, grease, and other.

Once past the orifice, the refrigerant is directed over the motor by a spray nozzle. Operation of this equipment with refrigerants other than those. Wash any spills from the skin with. Non-latching alarms change from the active to the historic state automatically, after the problem has been resolved.

Page Scheduled Maintenance Change the oil filter on a yearly basis or when the chiller is opened for repairs. The chiller configuration determines which of the settings appear. Evacuate the nitrogen from the entire chiller, hippocrates books pdf and charge the chiller from refrigerant cylinders. Developing Log Sheets Log sheets can be made using a program such as microsoft excel or Calc from open office. Contact your Carrier representative to obtain these brushes.

Hard scale may require chemical treatment for its preven- tion or removal. Unscrew the transducer from the Schrader fitting.