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My dad's having his meltdown now, but long-term? Maybe it's when you screwed David Lindhagen.

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When was your most nerve-racking day of your life? Why don't we just, uh, focus on Robbie?

Help us build the largest human-edited scripts collection on the web! Tries to maintain some semblance of cool.

2011 - Crazy Stupid Love by Dan Fogelman (02-19-10).pdf (PDFy mirror)Crazy Stupid Love (2011) Movie ScriptCrazy Stupid Love

You Stupid Man Brian Burns. Funny About Love Bob Greene.

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Bless me, Father, for I have sinned. Jessica jumps off the couch. Neither knows what to say.

The following story is the true story between me and my love friend. Don't tell me you've fallen in love with her? The web's largest movie script resource!

He's still nodding, as if fascinated. Jessica Riley, you are my soul mate.

You noticed last month when I got my hair trimmed and that was huge. In the end, she winds up back with my dad. We just follow the creek all the way to the lake. Jacob is eating pizza, cool as ever. You just have different clothes.

Living room and piano there. She said we had to choose between you and Emily. Bad Blake, welcome to Pueblo. She's losing it, wipes her eyes. It's not a sonata by Mozart.

Robbie stumbles, less sure-footed than usual. You have to turn the steering wheel. She takes a deep breath, adorable.

Will you ask me something personal about myself? But I can't take my eyes off of you. The simple act of opening your mouth instantly causes Tiffany to lose interest in sleeping with you. You were such a good miniature golfer. He looks absolutely exhausted.

She holds up her glass, toasting. Chris Tucker is the actor. You want me to fight someone? Of such joyful noises Of spirited dancings. Once Molly's gone, Jessica looks at the photo.

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But even though we won, they still deserve our respect. You put on the perfect song, you make them a drink. And I can't tell if you're being serious, but I think you should come home with me. Look, I'm not rejecting the psuedo- cherry flavors like raspberry or strawberry, anything in the -erry family is allowed.

Ain't you got no friends here in Washington you could stay with? You wanna get out of here? If you end up with that, what am I gonna end up with?

2011 - Crazy Stupid Love by Dan Fogelman (02-19-10).pdf (PDFy mirror)