Dating brodie helmets, by mark a. reynosa

The British cleverly dealt with this problem by issuing their men with a Hessian cloth cover. Most American helmet do have heating lot numbers. It will be interesting to see if any information on the type of paint turns up. If you watch the short video on.

Wikimedia Commons has media related to Brodie helmets. While the paint was still wet it was dusted with a coat of saw dust. These refurbishments generally took place in the s. It also has a rare carrying case for the Brodie which we have never seen before.

Dating brodie helmets

Dating M1 Steel Helmets
Dating m1 steel helmets
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By Mark A. Reynosa

Hi Colin, any idea what this maker is? Any ideas who the manufacturer is. Some home front police helmets only have a batch number stamp and date mark, would need to see a photo of the underside of helmet.

Email Twitter Facebook Instagram. Languages Italiano Polski Edit links. The lining was also similar to that of the British Mk. Whether it be a small antique shop, militaria show or even an online auction.

The chinstrap bails on a British Mark I and a U. To increase protective properties the helmets were painted in an olive drab shade. Both helmets are non-magnetic.

  • Manufacturer Miris Steel Co.
  • The truth of the matter is the helmets are different.
  • British helmets were brush painted by hand.
  • So some manufacturers started making the Non-Metal type that could be bought privately.
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Dating Brodie Helmets

Helmets were procured from British supply until such point as the Americans could supply themselves with their own helmets. Although to the untrained eye the helmets may look the same, it in the small details where the differences may be observed. This made it more resistant to projectiles but it offered less protection to the lower head and neck than other helmets. Known Makers of British Helmet Liners. There were at least six British helmet manufactures and nine steel suppliers.

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Mk III helmet
The British Mark I Brodie & the U.S. P17 know the difference

Can you paste this video to the thread Kenny. The wool pad in this helmet is on top of the black liner straps where the date usually is, your circular wool pad looks to be underneath the black liner straps. The lining, as mentioned above, consisted of cotton twine mesh surrounded by a circular piece of leather that held tubular pieces of rubber, dating cafe würzburg and the mesh was covered by a piece of black oil cloth. These heavy finishes were field or depot applied.

To find other Doughboy Features visit our Directory Page. Army began to use helmets manufactured in the U. Next to this code there are a series of numbers. These men would all soon be wearing steel helmets.

The Brodie Helmet and its derivatives. Army used the basic Brodie-patterned M helmet until with some modifications, which included a totally new liner and canvas chin strap. Brodie initially constructed of mild steel.

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Both were manufactured using a similar process. The original paint scheme, suggested by Brodie, was a mottled light green, blue, and orange camouflage but they were also painted in green or blue-grey. By the summer of the first million helmets had been produced, and they were issued to all troops.

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Both helmet have a similar dome and similar skirt. Helmets and Headgear Search In. Custodian Firefighter's Hard hat Riot protection Welding. Some home front police helmets only have a batch number stamp and date mark, would need to see a photo of the. Bossett Corporation - Utica - New York.

Dating m1 steel helmets

No information on type of paint used. By knowing about a few small details the buyer will never make the mistake of purchase the wrong helmet. Although a few American troops did manage to get a hold of covers by in large the A.

By holding a British shell in one hand and an American shell in the other the weight difference is obvious. Even at the onset of World War I, belligerent nations still equipped their soldiers with soft headgear, such as the cloth French kepi or the felt American campaign hat. The adoption of a helmet by the French, British and German armies convinced the United States Army that a helmet was needed as a standard piece of equipment. This list is on going if you know of any more please let us know.

Both helmets are made from hardened manganese steel. Baskstay Standard Co of Ontario. Hello everyone, I am new here. And which liner improvement was it where they thought asbestos made a great interior padding? The chin strap clips and the rim that are normally Stainless steel on a British helmet are a carbon steel on the Belgian version.

It may be tempting for some to say because the two types of helmets look so similar they are the same. There were three main reasons for the selection of the British Mk. Over time this would nullify any anti-reflective properties the finish possessed thus putting the wearing in danger.

Inside of a British Brodie helmet. Display as a link instead. Like the French Adrian helmet, the Stahlhelm incorporated a suspension system of a metal band covered with leather padding and adjusted to fit with leather or fabric ties. Also riveted to the steel bowl was the helmet lining.

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Mk III helmet

Brodie helmet
  1. Some of the imported helmets had a helmet plate with the Norwegian coat of arms affixed to the front.
  2. In a further improvement was made by introducing a rubber ring under the skull pad this would prevent a direct impact on the wearers helmet from being transmitted to the skull.
  3. It had a separate, folded rim, a two-part liner, and matt khaki paint finished with sand, sawdust, or crushed cork to give a dull, non-reflective appearance.
  4. They also have a similar liner and chinstrap.
  5. Thank you for this information and the list of manufacturers.
  6. To avoid a smooth reflective finish a small amount of river gravel was mixed into the paint.

The series of number which follow the manufacture mark is a heating lot number used by the factory in the manufacturing process. The unpainted shell was dipped onto a vat of olive paint. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Reynosa Excerpted from his book U.

Brodie helmet Republished // WIKI 2

Known Heat Stamp Marks of M shells. From Wikipedia, frauen kennenlernen mannheim the free encyclopedia. At the same time the habit of painting the unit's formation patch onto the front or sides of the helmet began.

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