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It is almost unbelievable that they derived from the simple lines of the earlier Empire and Biedermeier periods. Give us a call at or send us an e-mail and let's discuss the clocks you have to sell. The Viennese did not typically do this. Pendulums are zinc-backed in the earlier clocks, and steel backed in the later.

Please realize that one needs to speak in generalities as one outlines the differences between Viennese and German clocks. As many of the wood veneers used were from outside Europe, materials were often hard to get and expensive. Vienna regulator clock page by David Blackman.

Clock has official case for government purposes. In Franz was joined in the business by Stephan Psihoda, presumably his son, and in Franz is no longer listed, but Stephan only, at the premises in Badhausgasse. Yes, this article is very glorifying. Most dials are two-piece porcelain with spun-brass bezels. It runs well and keeps remarkably good time, having recently been professionally inspected and lubricated.

Vienna Styles

In summary, the clocks made in Germany represent mass production that was the direct result of the industrial revolution. The Empire style architecture and furnishings were in style. The biedermeier period was a time of oppression and censorship. It is these features that can guide one in recognizing the German from the Austrian makers.

However, I now realize that as my collection steadily grows I have more than I need or want. Similar clocks are sometimes advertised as being made by Junghans possible sales through Junghans? It has beveled curved glass all the way around the case. Walls, ceilings, reception rooms were covered with plaster work and frescoes as in the periods of great ostentation in the past.

In part, these are the differences between clocks made by individual makers with their apprentices, and the clocks made in Factories. These clocks typically have very elaborate hands. It came to me as a box of parts. The revolution of resulted in an elected parliament and somewhat more freedom. For your consideration we present a terrestrial globe clock manufactured by Uhrenfabrik Carl Werner, Villingen as indicated by the logo on the movement.

Dating vienna regulators

Would you like to tell the world about your special clock? Clock has its original oak finish and maintains the original label. There were more Vienna regulators made in Germany than in Austria. This is what happens when you get a clock in a box.

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The hallmark of the Alt Deutsch clocks is their use of Corinthian Columns on the doors. Their combined output dwarfed the output of all of the Austrian makers. In general the Viennese clocks had hands with finer detail than the corresponding German hands. Very interisting this clock, dating agency den Piotr!

Could be such orders continued after the fall of Austro - Hungarian Empire? These are the Laterndluhr clocks from the Empire period. Previous Thread Next Thread.

The world is changing and sadly, we are living in an increasingly throw-away society. When Pleskot gone, he was producing mainly cheap kitchen clocks with Japy style movements, Blechuren. It has a nice gold gilded front door glass also. In the late spring of I attended a workshop on WordPress blogging.

Vienna Clock Parts

Regulator Clocks

  • Heymann, Berlin, is in excellent condition.
  • At various points she is listed as carrying out her corset making business at the same premises as Stephan's clock shop, which must have been an interesting mix.
  • Pendulums are zinc-backed in the earlier clocks and steel backed in the later.
  • Small details added during clock restoration projects can change the appearance of clock in a positive way.

Antique clocks are expected to have imperfections from age that just add character to the clock. Biedermeier-period clocks make up for their simple cases with the engine turned early or piecrust bezels that typically adorned the clocks. As a clock collector I have quite a few clocks in my home. Regulating your clock is the act of making repeated adjustments to your clock with the intent of achieving a desired affect, that is, making your clock a more reliable timekeeper.

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Look at that outstanding carved front case from the top to the bottom. Unlike the serpentines, the cases were typically made with walnut, cherry and other fruit wood veneers. It is too long to quote here, kennenlernen frauen but contains a lot of information.

  1. Do you have a clock to sell?
  2. Don't miss this nice brass and wood handle vienna regulator or other weight driven clock crank key.
  3. Mechanisms often have adjustable verge pallets.
  4. In the Emporer decided to tear down the ancient wall of fortifications surrounding the city and set up a competiton for rebuilding the state property.
  5. Pendulum clocks, also called regulator clocks, have a proud and storied history, and few items possess the semantic appeal of a beautiful piece.
  6. These clocks tend to have steel-backed pendulum bobs, wood pendulum rods, spun-brass bezels, fairly elaborate dial centers and hands, and often very well-made cases.

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The clocks made before tended to be simpler than the clocks produced later. Leopoldine Psihoda seems to have been Stephan's wife and she was a corset maker. Where the earlier pieces rarely have columns on the side of the door, the transitional clocks have either broken columns tops and bottoms of columns with hanging finials or slender, elegant columns.

All these addresses are within a few minutes walk of each other. He is listed as a master clockmaker and Leopoldine is still making corsets. After Franz is no longer listed and may have died. But according to this gloryfying text, balvenie single malt scotch Wilhelm could produce absolutely any clock. Pictures are of actual clock for sale.

Vienna Clock Parts

The shape of the Laterndluhr was simplified in the Biedermeier period such that the clock resembled more of a square stacked on a rectangle Dachluhr. This may explain the considerable use of faux wood graining on many of the clocks. As far as the case goes, it is certainly not original to the movement and personally I don't see anything particularly French about it either. It goes over the dial and would enhance your clock's appearance if you glass has been broken and replaced with just a clear glass.

For many people, this is the style that epitomizes Vienna Regulators. Those nostalgic times when the things we bought and cherished were living memories of people and places that are gone but not forgotten. The clocks followed suite. This is an antique German Junghans time and strike spring driven clock made in the style of a Vienna Regulator. While the dial bezels were typically spun brass, the dials were porcelain, brass or a combination with a porcelain chapter ring and a brass dial center.

Vienna Wall Clocks

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In comparison, the hallmarks of the Alt Deutsch clocks were full, and typically fluted columns with Corinthian pediments and rectangular panels at the base. This article is about a curious term that you might have heard concerning clocks and clock collecting. It is a most unusual case for a Vienna regulator. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies.

These developed to the elaborate reality of the Alt Deutsch and the Baroque, and then returned to the very simple box clocks of the last period of Vienna Regulators, the Jugendstil style. Transitional Vienna Regulators typically have wooden pendulum rods and brass bobs with zinc backs. Vienna regulators by Mühlhauser and Gebr. Be sure to use dripless candles!

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