Devo F7 Manual Pdf

It can also activate, inhibit or use other functions. Page The default setting is Inhibit. Current status will be shown.

Transmitter Specification

Page The setting is same as above. Page Fail -safe If choose fail safe, perform the protection of out of control data set.

Press R or L to set the switch inhibited or active. The default setting is Servo Hold.


Press R or L can select Stick position data. Press R or L to select the desired one. The factory default is Common.


Press Active another sub menu Throttle will be shown under Auto Land. The higher the transmission output power, the farer the radio range, and the shorter the stand-by time. The default setting is Inhibit. It is divided into six grades from small to big.

The bigger the amount is, the bigger the gyro sensor gain becomes. The pitch curve will be smoothly changed if choosing On.


Press R or L to select Inhibit or Active. The bigger the value is, the bigger the differential is. Page Press R or L button to set the position amount of throttle stick. Page Train It is dangerous to use full throttle, especially after fail safe taken place.

Please form a correct habit of turn-on and turn-off. Adjustment to the real flights is a must. Both the length and tension of the sticks can be adjustable. Page Stick Length Ajustment Find the inside structure of the left and right throttle stick as below. The setting methods are the same.


Devention Devo 10 User Manual

Press R or L to choose the item to be set. Two mode types of helicopter and airplane are available to meet your requirements for different models.

Press R to decrease the mix amount and L to increase. Game Controller Game Controller-Mogun.

Devention DEVO-7 User Manual

An upset in the order of connection may cause your helicopter out of control. Replace only with same or equivalent batteries.

There are stopwatch and countdown. For the absolute revolution amount, please set in external governor. This symbol indicating separate collection for electrical and electronic equipment.

Page Pitch Curve The curve of each flight mode can be set respectively. Press R or L button to choose the required flight model. Page At the same time, the output date of open interface should be the operated data of trainee. Up to model data can be saved.

The smaller the amount is, the bigger the gyro sensor gain becomes. The setting is same as the above. The switch between Dual Rate and Exponential can be performed via pushing or pulling the Flight Mode lever. Page Device Output Device output can set up the output switches and select the usage of levers, brahma sutra bhasya of shankaracharya pdf respectively. Each timer can be operated by switch.

Adjustability of hi-frequency output power enjoys more personality and friendly environment. Press R or L to choose inhibited, normal or curve. Page Press R or L button to change the value of elevator mix when the rudder stick towards right.

Page Differential Mounting servos in left and right ailerons are a must if using this function. The setting is same as above. The basic examples are only for your reference. Under the help with exponential curve adjustment, it is possible to make both customized settings and automatic settings.

Please check again to make sure the polarities are correct. You can choose the favorite tone according to your interests and make a listening test.

The actual revolution should be read in the external governor. The usage of wireless copy function keeps you away from the trouble in wire link-up. Press R or L to bink the desired option. The lower the transmission output power transmits, the shorter the radio range is, and the longer the stand-by time will be.