Early Years Learning Framework Outcomes Pdf

This community is made up of family structure, geographic location, socio-economic background, culture, religion and educational environments. Belonging is the basis for living a fulfilling life. Being is about living here and now. Another way to keep in the loop about new products, specials and promotions is to join our Facebook family. These principles are categorized under collaborative, effective and reflective practices.

Early Years Learning Framework

Eylf Outcomes

It has incorporated feedback from a consultation process, including two national symposiums, national public consultation forums, focus groups, an online forum and case-study trials.

This can be achieved by providing experiences that cater for various learning techniques including visual, auditory, sensory and kinaesthetic. We feel that there is an importance of each area itself, but Educators can also focus on the integration of the learning areas as they complement one another. We are able to support this development by exposing them to nutrition, fitness, spacial awareness, emotion, confidence, a contract with god will eisner pdf and various social situations. As Educators we play such an important role in the foundations of their sense of identity.

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Early Years Learning Framework

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Early Years Learning Framework