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On pipe welding, grinders and power wheels are used between each welding pass to assure a slag-free surface for the next pass. Practical Welding Today Interview. The following examples are described for illustrative purposes only with reference to the Figures. Accordingly, gaps between components being laser welded typically have high aspect ratio i. No dwell is needed in the center of the puddle because it is already hot and does not require additional heat input.

The four passes needed to complete this welded pipe joint. Join The Discussion Cancel reply.

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What is Seam Welding

Travel angle, work angle, push and drag angles for groove and fillet welds. Non-invasive microwave analysis methods. Satisfactory lap weld is obtained easily i. The joint which has been welded from both sides is called as a double welded joint.

What is Seam Welding

The subject matter described herein relates generally to the forming of articles and, more particularly, a method for forming modular component-based layup mandrels by laser welding. For heavier metal sheets welding is done on one side of the heavy metal to form a half corner joint. For example, the laser energy frequency, spot size, directionality, power, may be controlled by a laser source. Push angle for forehand welding is the travel angle during push welding when the electrode is pointing toward the direction of welding.

Lap weld joint is formed when pieces are placed at overlapping positions. The fabrication tools to handle such large components are very specialized, and transporting such large mandrels is a time-consuming and labor-intensive process. As the melt-pool cools, it solidifies to form a weld that joins the first component and the second component together.

In an example, the gap width is not sufficiently larger than the spot size of the laser energy. It is intended that the specification and examples be considered as exemplary only. This technique is one of the most popular to join metal sheets. Accordingly, at least one of the first component and the second component may include joints which may be joined together.


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Weld angles are measured from the weld axis. During production, component and subassembly manufacturing and system integration of the aircraft takes place. Additionally, layup mandrels having complex contours and susceptibility to distortion are difficult to manufacture.

PayPal members, you can pay using your existing account. Control panel for an electrical appliance and method for manufacturing the control panel. The dots in the weave patterns of Figure represent dwell or pause points which applies heat to the edges of the puddle where it is needed. These techniques may include.

In an example, sacrificial edge-tab may have a polygonal cross-sectional shape. Otherwise, if the laser spot size is too small, it may penetrate through the gap without interacting with a surface of the first or second component, such as the sacrificial edge-tabs thereof. While not limited to any particular example, trucos psicologicos lenguajes corporal pdf providing components with sacrificial edge-tabs as described herein reduces or eliminates undercutting.

Its applications include Pipes Valves Flanges Fittings. Butt joints are used to weld thin metal sheets which can be welded in a single pass.


Weaving applies heat directly to the edges of the weld puddle. Strong welds can be produced Variety of Welds is possible i.

Chapter 3 Terms Joints & Edge Preparation

Chapter 3 Terms Joints & Edge Preparation

First component and second component may be separated from one another by a gap that has a depth and a width. Slag, though technically not part of the weld, is created along with the weld bead. By continuing to browse this site, you give consent for cookies to be used.

Various techniques are used for joints early preparation. These welds require some kind of preparation as well. Chances of porosity in butt welds Edge preparation is required while working with thick metal pieces. The type of joint in which the two workpieces are touching during the welding is called as a closed welded joint.

Accordingly, a density of the weld may be different than a density of the first component, the second component or both the first and the second components. The type of joint that is formed by welding edges of two different parts together is called an edge joint.

Search Expert Search Quick Search. If you have enjoyed reading so far, please purchase the book from the link below. Advantages of the examples will be set forth in part in the description which follows, and in part will be understood from the description, or may be learned by practice of the examples. Lap welds are commonly used in automation involving processes. Method of operating an electrical heating arrangement.