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Track your progress as your English improves! There is thorough coverage of all the skills and techniques that students need to face the five papers of the revised exam with confidence. Model answers A sample answer is provided for each of the Writing tasks in the Exam practice sections of the Vocabulary units. Ask for clarification if there's something you haven't understood clearly. Jack would turn on the radio, light his pipe and fall asleep.

This grammar reference and practice self-study pack will appeal to students at intermediate and upper-intermediate level. After struggling with him, Susan pulled the bag from his hands. When we use used to we suggest that the action is no longer true and so make a strong contrast with the present. If used for classwork, activities can be done individually or co-operatively in pairs or small groups. Susan went into the station and bought a ticket.

Would is used to describe a person's typical activities in the past. Before the train arrived, Susan managed to push her way to the front of the crowd.

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You are more comfortable there, although there are also more distractions. Cambridge Teacher Development.

On this page, you will find example speaking tests to help you prepare for the Speaking part of the First Certificate exam. It includes useful tips on how to approach exam tasks and learn vocabulary. Each vocabulary section includes focus on phrasal verbs, prepositions and particles, io speriamo che me la cavo libro pdf and collocations.

Students first listen to the grammar in context and are then encouraged to analyse the language themselves before looking at the rules and practising what they have learnt. Cambridge University Press First Certificate collection download for free.

Grammar and Vocabulary for First Certificate (FCE) - CambridgeFCE Vocabulary from EnglishRevealed

The first two tests are fully guided with advice on how to tackle each paper. There are regular consolidation units which include forms of testing commonly used in the First Certificate examination.

It can also, however, be used as a general grammar and usage workbook for students at this level. Audio recordings Audio recordings for all listening exercises and for the exam practice Listening tasks. The grammar section includes recognition and concept-checking activities, as well as production activities.

While retaining its engaging topics and its strengths in the areas of grammar, vocabulary and the skills of speaking and writing, this revised edition has been completely updated. We use the past perfect for the earlier event. The past simple is used to describe finished actions and events in the past.

We often contrast an action in progress with a sudden event which interrupts it. Susan was looking for Graham, so she didn't sit down.

This book contains four practice tests which are very similar to the exam. Twitter Facebook Youtube Instagram. You should try, if possible, to get some practice speaking with the partner you'll sit the exam with. Fun exercises to improve your English. It can only be used to describe repeated actions, not states.

Language Practice with key MacMillan. There are exercises to help students avoid repeating the typical mistakes that real exam candidates make, as revealed by the Cambridge Learner Corpus. By the time the train arrived, Susan had managed to push her way to the front of the crowd. It is available in with and without answers editions. It provides students with practice of exam tasks from the Reading, Writing, Listening and Use of English papers.

New Cambridge English products are available to suit the requirements of the new syllabus. They have the same subject as the following clause. This is followed by a planning section which introduces students to one of a variety of planning techniques which they are encouraged to experiment with throughout the course. Instead, she tried calling him on her mobile phone.


This is not the time to stare at the wall or think about what you'll have for dinner! Based on the analysis of thousands of actual exam scripts in the Learner Corpus, each unit focuses on a key problem area. Some were sleeping on the.

FCE Vocabulary from EnglishRevealed

Irregular Verbs list Irregular Verbs List. It can be used as a self-study reference grammar and practice book, or as supplementary material in classes preparing for examinations. Grammar, Vocabulary, Reading, Listening and much more.

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With negatives and questions used to becomes use to. It is not always necessary to use the past perfect if a time expression makes the order of events clear.