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Buckles shall be unlatched and retractors shall be fully retracted during conditioning. Measure the angle or range of angles of the head restraint reference line as projected onto a vertical longitudinal vehicle plane.

Housing and Urban Development Department. This section does not exist. The performance requirements for Zones A and I are more stringent than Zone B because Zones A and I represent the area of the windshield used most by the driver to observe the forward roadway. This test is optional at the discretion of the Contracting Party.

The tester then records the separation between the primary and secondary image. These contours, or eye ellipses, offer a representation of a driver's eye location and can be used to determine what a driver could see in the straight ahead driving task. The proposed rule will not affect the energy efficiency of motor vehicles is a negative manner. In addition, you should submit a copy, from which you have deleted the claimed confidential business information, to the Docket by one of the methods set forth above. The purpose of both tests is to ensure that the glazing retains its luminous transmittance after prolonged exposure to sunlight.

The performance requirements for each test slightly differ. Establishment of a higher standard by means of State tort law would not conflict with the minimum standard proposed here. Each piece of glazing shall bear the appropriate marks set out in this section. After completion of the test, the samples are examined for evidence of cracking, clouding, delaminating or other deterioration. The flame shall burn for at least one minute, for stabilization, before the first test is started.

Symmetrical double-glazed unit means a double-glazed unit where the two component panes are identical e. Bullet resistant glazing that complies with Tests Nos. The temperature sensing element shall be shielded from radiation.

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The composition of the gasoline used shall be recorded in the test report. The parking brake test surface is clean, dry, smooth, Portland cement concrete. Zone B is also the area of the windshield closer to the edge where the windshield displays greater curvature. The purpose of the test is to ensure the strength of the glazing when impacted by small hard objects.

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Eastern Time, Monday through Friday, except Federal holidays. Prime glazing manufacturer means a manufacturer that fabricates, laminates, or tempers glazing materials. The thickness of the sample corresponds to the thickness of the product to be tested.

Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards

The test area for light transmittance is the transparent area, excluding any opaque obscuration and any shade band. Specifically, this rule standardizes the format used to reference the various materials incorporated by reference and makes minor corrections to reflect the accurate titles of these materials.

Environmental Protection Agency. The President of the United States manages the operations of the Executive branch of Government through Executive orders. The purpose of the test is to verify that plastic and glass plastic glazing is capable of withstanding changes in temperature without deterioration. Executive Order requires each agency to write all rules in plain language.

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Certain items of glazing are also defined according to their construction characteristics. Radiation Light Stability Test. Should fragments be limited by size rather than weight?

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Nonetheless, we emphasize that we believe the proposed changes are relatively minor. For this reason, the agency tentatively believes that the headform test would be redundant and would not offer any additional safety benefit.

The purpose of the fracture test is to minimize the risk of injury caused by fragments of fractured glazing material. The toluene is then lit and the burn area of the specimen is noted to determine compliance with the test.

We have noted periodically in the text where we wish to highlight a request for suggestions on improving the text. There is no limit on the length of the attachments. Social Media Facebook Twitter. Without any conflict, there could not be any implied preemption of a State common law tort cause of action.

Additional opaque obscuration is also allowed in limited areas where a sensing device, e. Under the proposed test, the sample is inserted into the combustion chamber, canetti masa y poder pdf in which the flame is already burning. The pins also serve as measuring points at the beginning and end of the burning distance. The test procedure requires that the sample be keep parallel to the screen at a right angle to the light source.

No justification is provided for this difference in ball drop heights. Zone A is defined as the area on the outer surface of the windscreen bounded by four planes. Pane means any single piece of glazing other than a windshield. Regular light transmittance means light transmittance measured perpendicularly to the glazing. Most of the changes in this proposal amount to minor amendments that would harmonize differing measurements and performance requirements for similar test procedures.

Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 108

Inner side means the side of glazing which is facing towards the passenger compartment when the material is mounted in the vehicle. Laminated-glass means glazing consisting of two or more layers of glass held together by one or more inter-layers of plastic material. Average the results for each test piece. It is this statutory command by Congress that preempts any non-identical State legislative and administrative law addressing the same aspect of performance. Relevant information about this document from Regulations.

Counts are subject to sampling, reprocessing and revision up or down throughout the day. Bullet resistant glazing means glazing constructed so as to be resistant to firearms. Voluntary consensus standards are technical standards developed or adopted by voluntary consensus standards bodies.

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This experience indicates that the shot bag test is not needed to test the resistance of glazing to penetration by large heavy objects. The distance between the centers of the grips at the start of the test shall be between and mm. After the samples are abraded they are tested for luminous transmittance. When a test piece exhibiting a secondary image is placed between the collimator and the telescope, a secondary image will appear on the polar co-ordinate system. International Trade Anti-Dumping documents in the last year.

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