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Therefore, job seekers who are eagerly waiting for opportunity can practice Infosys Aptitude Questions and Solutions. We hope job aspirants who are looking for Infosys Aptitude Questions and Answers with Solutions have got the required information from this page. From this page, convert jpg to pdf reduce file size online candidates can gather the sample Infosys Aptitude Questions and Answers. Please give reason for the answers to these general aptitude quiz questions.

By learning these Infosys Aptitude Questions and Answers, students can manage time easily during the actual exam. If at present, the height of the tree is cm, what was it when the tree was planted? So, we have listed the Infosys Aptitude Questions and Answers with Explanation to make your hard work as smart work. Problems on Boats and Streams. What is the value of Business.

If all of them work together, find the time taken to fill the tank. How much time the journey takes. Horton, his wife, their son, and Mr.

So he asked each person a question. Find the number of ways in which this is possible? The oldest is John, he always tells the truth. Do not use keywords in the name field.

What is the percentage of alcohol? Please enter your name here. After sometime c did the same thing. Find the original number divided? Why this article wasn't helpful?

Basic rules of writing a C program. Find the age of the class teacher? In how many days will A alone finish the work?

Would you like to contribute to this growing collection of aptitude test questions? Solving Aptitude Questions is the most powerful way to increase your ability to solve difficult problems.

What will be the minimum number at least to get one black and yellow ball? Eugene finishes either first or last. In how many days will Rama Krishna complete the remaining work?

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Find the percentage decrease in his saving? What is the largest of these numbers? What is the number of different sums of money the person can form using one or more coins at a time? Questions also have answer with explanations.

And the shortest among them is A. After some time B gave as many tractors to A and C as many as they have. Every driver finishes each race. What percentage of houses do not have tube-light, bulb and fan?

Infosys Aptitude Questions and Answers PDF For Freshers Solutions

What is the velocity of stream? How many days will they take to do the work together. Home Categories General Knowledge. Here is a collection of aptitude test questions. As we know that C language is very popular and widely used programming languages, here we are starting practicing aptitude in C language.

Select the best alternative. Let's have a personal and meaningful conversation.

At how much percent above the cost price does he mark his goods? The speed of the stream is? One third of the whole trip, he traveled by car and the rest of the journey he performed by train.

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Jimmie Dean went to visit them one day. You can try these model aptitude questions for General Aptitude Test or any other general tests for free. Similarly after resuming that to their original positions that the shortest among each column are asked to fall out. Therefore, job seekers can practice all of them and gain some knowledge.

Because the exam conducting authority of Infosys is going to recruit most skillful, dynamic and talented candidates. Govt Jobs by Qualification.

English Aptitude for preparation of Competitive Exams

Prepare for your next job test or entrance examination by practicing our model entrance examination feature. What is the difference between the two digits of the number? Please consider supporting us by disabling your ad blocker on our website. There are no ties in any race.

Infosys Aptitude Questions and Answers PDF For Freshers Solutions

You can only see pages that do not contain graphics. What would have been the percentage of profit earned if no discount was offered? By how much percent should a family reduce its consumption so as to keep the expenditure fixed?

When these digits are reversed and then subtracted from the original number the answer yielded will be consisting of the same digits arranged yet in a different order. Ronald and Michelle tell you that they have a daughter. What is distance between the two stations. How much will it take to reach the last pole?

English Aptitude for preparation of Competitive Exams

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