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Which category on the bingo board this book completes? This is everything about Whitney Houston when she was born until she died. Roy is a no-nonsense type of guy on and off the pitch. What a player, what a man.

Reveals why he is the way he is and also that he is prepared to stand by his beliefs in the face of anything and anyone. She was a very beautiful person, very good actor and singer. Being a perfectionist often got in the way of his personal relationships but it made him one of the greatest ever Manchester United players. Describe a character you found interesting and explain why? Roy Keane is honest about the nature of most soccer players.

It is a very motivational book because of the type of person Keane is. Browse through our eBooks while discovering great authors and exciting books. The beautiful game is often a very ugly business.

Then again, most autobiographies are. The ball was there I think. Even though I'm a Liverpool fan and have been all my life, this is a no nonsense football book. To ensure optimal functioning, our website uses cookies.

His footballing intelligence and fierce determination helped Ireland to qualify for the World Cup. Really enjoyable read - interesting to see many of these popular events from Roy's perspectives. In life, Virgo had two choices, living their way or living her way. The book is also very good because it tells events honestly even if it makes the author look bad. Not a ground-breaking literary achievement, but it is just the thing I expected and wanted from a football biography.

Unfortunately, for me, in spite of all the glory years and the controversy, and apart from the odd snippet of behind the scenes revelations, I found Roy's book to be not much to write home about. Not at all sycophantic as many of these sports bios can be, instead this is just like Keano was on the field. The book is full of interesting and thought-provoking activities and gives users great opportunities for comparative reflection on their own cultures. We get some great insights behind the scenes at Man United and International duty, including Roy's side of the Saipan fiasco.

This is a brutally honest book about professional soccer, international tournaments and Roy Keane. As a Man Utd fan, this was a good read.

With that in mind, it may be one to avoid unless you're a big fan of the game! Player of the Year awards. Trouble that often borders on self-destruction.

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And don't ever stand over me sneering about fake injuries. He stands up for what he believes and has the ability to tell it like it is, so for me this book was refreshing. He's not afraid to tell his story the way it is and not afraid of portraying himself in a bad light, which takes guts. Want to read a footballers book? Som things had to go, but the rest is there for all to see, warts and all.

The enigmatic Mr Clough at Nottingham. Whitney Elizabeth Houston Brown. However, you do have to enjoy the game of soccer considering the book is about a former soccer player and the events of his life as a soccer player. Fascinating insight into the man who made Manchester United a force to be reckoned with. Honest, funny, interesting read.

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Wrote from a specific vantage point with a set agenda? Its like a modern day George Orwell saga, and also the bit where dear Roy tried to operate on Alf Inge Harlaand's knees during a match at old Trafford with his studs and without anaesthetic. Keane's honesty gets to the point of almost being uncomfortable at times, but that's what makes it so good. And, most stirringly, Roy Keane is honest about the price one pays for not compromising on the things one believes in. Like Roy, I'm the type of person who suffers with a short temper, who tends to wear his heart on his sleeve and is not afraid to speak his mind, so I found it easy to relate to him.

This was my favourite quote because this cheating player deserved it and the irish man got him. Open Preview See a Problem? There are no discussion topics on this book yet. The conversations deepen critical thinking skills essential for success in a new culture and also for studying in university programs. This type of personality interacting at the top level of sport in the public eye makes for a very eventful and entertaining read.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. But his passion has sometimes given rise to the wrong kind of headlines.

It can be used by anyone with an interest in exploring Irish culture, most especially in a learning, multicultural environment. Also that World Cup upset between R. Funny, frank and never less than per cent mean-spirited, Triggs tells the truth about what it was like to be a central player in the extraordinary drama of her master's life. This is how sporting autobiographies should be written!

What you see is what you get. Why did I decide to read this book? The category that this book completes is dairy, autobiography or biography.

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Nevertheless, Roy Keane is a remarkable hero. Keane's arrival has been largely attributed as the catalyst for Sunderland's recovery. But readers interested in what constitutes the heart of a champion will find Keane The Autobiography both rewarding and indispensable. Brilliantly reviewed, Roy Keane's riveting, instrumentation principles pdf brutally honest autobiography has the potential to be one of the year's biggest paperback bestsellers. And his autobiography was a very good read.

The book focuses heavily on his playing career and he only allows us an occasional glimpse into his home life. Determined, she set out on a journey to find the answer. In April he was appointed as manager of Ipswich Town. Another book that came at me from a car boot sale. Got me really interested in Roy!

This is a true story of Mis. Brutal honesty from keano and recognising his own faults temper make this book an interesting and riveting read much enjoyed! Warts and all coverage of Keane's football career.