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Just a passing mention of that. Everything is completely inverted, including every nuance of language. Maybe I wasn't as shocked or angered because I could see what she was doing and I understood the tricks. But it's just the very slightest bit too eager to give answers itself instead of let you decide.

It is extremely interesting to view men as the passive, beautiful sex, for a change. During my Psychology studies, the gender seminars offered were by far my favorite elective courses, and I took a fair amount of them.

Everything comes down to the fact that one sex is considered more ideal than the other. As an adult woman, old enough to remember the time depicted here, even for me the depth of impact gender has on language was illuminating in itself. They were breaking down the known to experiment with something new. Menwim can't wear trousers, there wouldn't be room in there for their penises and shamebags! Great concept, blood circulation in human body pdf but I feel that it would have been better off hujas a short story.

In the book, men need paternity protection by women, which is not true the other way around, today. So, you think our society's not sexist? Brilliant feminist fiction. But I do think this is something that is very worth picking up if you run across a copy. The plot is not the point though.

The book is written in and the society is meant to be equivalent to that time or even earlier than that, and much has happened since then. But as you keep reading, you realize just how chilling it all really is. This is a funny, occasionally warm, sometimes biting, and in places rather horrifying satire on gender. Some things become creepy when you realise what situations she is juxtaposing in a particular episode - like sexual harassment or worse. Instead of men and women, we have wim, and manwim.

Homosexuality is discussed, but transgender issues aren't. It's awkward to read and awkward to think about. Reveals the gender structures and language of society. In a bar, a woman comes up to a group of men, as if they need company because their group consists only of men, and offer them to give her oral sex. And on it, I found my copy of this book, and realised I'd never reviewed it.

For example, there are really only two genders here. From reading the blurb, I thought I knew which situations would arise and how the text would handle each but I found I missed a lot. It is not uncommon for a boy's first sexual experience to be with an aggressive older girl who gets drunk and takes advantage of them.

Another interesting part in the book is the importance of menstruation. The author is leaving no stone unturned in this satire! And there's a lot of things that are so utterly invisible to us most of the time, but are cringe-worthy when they have a light shone on them in this way. Things get awkward at what I can only call the mating rituals. In she founded a literary Women's Forum with the purpose of encouraging women to write and publish.

What is different in this book is that in a matriarchy, female or rather fele domination is based on the dominant sex's affiliation with the natural world based on the ability to menstruate. Suddenly you figured out that several years had passed. Interesting way of looking at the world if the roles where reversed. In the novel the female is defined as the normal and the male as the abnormal, subjugated sex.

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This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Well written, everything is carefully written and described, twisting our view of gender stereotypes. Highly recommend it for readers interested in gender constructs. In the beginning, it's kind of amusing.

Las hijas de Egalia by Gerd Brantenberg. Egalia's Daughters is set in a world where women hold the power. The planet is called Egalia.

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The choppiness I found in this book was mostly in the chronology. Men can't work with anything they want, which is also not true for women today. Men wear curlers in their beard and have to wear skirts because their anatomy just wouldn't fit into trousers. It is interesting to see how the author has used the language.

As such, many elements of the world that we take for granted are subverted here. The novel is feminist without shame, which, incidentally, is how I might describe my own leanings. It's enlightening and entertaining, if a bit sad, but well worth the effort. If the men are tired of and question anything, they are seen as cranky and radical, not able to take a joke or accept the biology.

Maybe I'll read it some day, but right now it's not really holding my interest, despite the intriguing premise. It worked in the English translation I read. Still a very good book so check it out. You might think some things are missing. It is entertaining until you realize how ingrained sexism is in our society.

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This shit is tongue-in-cheek, to some extent. The author managed to get at all of the the sex issues that our society can't seem to cope with, let alone see. She is basically using the language to the utmost to make you work so you realise how much inherent bias there is in words. Sex is defined from the women's perspective.

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