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The bridge was named for the irreversible choice of whether to remain in the country of their captivity or return to their place of origin. Free download Afganistan travel guide - Lonely Planet Afghanistan. Free download Japan travel guide - Frommer's Japan. Time-honoured Confucian principles have set a template for strong civic pride in a society that is introspective, perhaps, but also decorous and affirmative.

With your guide, marvel at the grandeur of the original and new portions. Free download Laos travel guide - Rough Guide - Laos. Free download Beijing travel guide - Frommer's Beijing. Free download Esfahan travel guide - Travel Guide to Esfahan. Free download Shanghai travel guide - Frommer's Shanghai.

Visit the Freedom House, a four-story building topped with a transparent roof, a facility that functions as a liaison between the South and the North. Free download Dubai travel guide - Frommer's Dubai.

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You can get a stamp that resembles the immigration desk in the airport, as a souvenir You will not be entering North Korea. Try traditional Korean eats like Kimchi-jeon or Haemul-jeon appetizers with Makgeolli traditional rice wine and Korean style beef marinated barbecue with a variety of side dishes and Soju bombs.

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An early-morning temple visit can lead to a palace tour followed by tea-sipping in Bukchon and gallery-hopping in Samcheong-dong. Next, Pass by the nearby presidential residence, called The Blue House. Gaze up at the distant stars from serene villages surrounded by rice fields, sleeping in rustic hanok traditional wooden house guesthouses. Head next to the Insadong Antique Alley in central Seoul. Free download Vietnam travel guide - Lonely Planet Vietnam.

Finish your city tour with some time in Myeongdong, a popular shopping area teeming with street vendors, boutiques, department stores, shops, and restaurants. Pass through Gwanghwamun Gate and back in time with a tour of Gyeongbok Palace, former residence of Joseon Dynasty royalty. With your guide, wander down alleys to browse traditional Korean restaurants, teahouses and galleries full of antique artifacts and local artwork. Free download Istanbul travel guide - Rough Guide Istanbul. Afterward, head to the Dora Observatory to look through telephoto lenses and observe the village of Kijongdong as your guide describes life on the other side.

Free download Taiwan travel guide - Lonely Planet Taiwan. Free download Borneo travel guide - Lonely Planet Borneo. Free download Maldives travel guide - Lonely Planet Maldives. South Korea photo credits.

Free download Myanmar travel guide - Lonely Planet Myanmar. Free download Singapore travel guide - Rough Guides Singapore. Split by a hair-trigger border, the Korean Peninsula offers the traveller a dazzling range of experiences, beautiful landscapes and years of culture and history.

Free download Istanbul travel guide - Dorling Kindersley Istanbul. Free download Tokyo travel guide - Frommer's Tokyo. The popularity of the beautifully landscaped parks alongside the central Cheong-gye stream and the Han River has spurred on the creation of more green spaces and cycle routes. By the time you look at your watch, it will be dawn again.

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Begin your tour with a visit to Jogye Temple, famous for its beautiful lotus lanterns hanging from the ceilings. Free download Turkey travel guide - Lonely Planet Turkey. While you're in the neighborhood, feel free to pick up some gifts or souvenirs from the National Korea Souvenir Shop.

Top experiences in South Korea. See where the South Koreans have blocked the actual Military Demarcation Line with concrete barricades. Visit the oldest Korean traditional local market for some savory North Korean pancakes. Here, learn about the role of these tunnels, which are believed to have been planned as a military invasion route by North Korea. Visit a conference room and hear how the house supports various forms of inter-Korean dialogue, display pdf in vb.net form contracts and exchanges.

Cities in South Korea

Afterward, your guide will accompany your group back to Ballinger Hall before your return to Seoul. Free download Indonesia travel guide - Lonely Planet Indonesia.

Free download China travel guide - Lonely Planet China. Free download Nepal travel guide - Trekking in Nepal. Be sure to snap a few photos before changing back into your modern clothes.

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At midday, you'll enjoy a tasty Korean lunch at a local restaurant before driving to Changdeokgung palace, a perfectly preserved palace from the Joseon Dynasty. Whatever you want, at any time of day or night, Seoul can provide. With your culinary guide, an expert in local Korean food and culture, stop at three different restaurants, as well as a traditional Korean flea market, along Nagwon-dong and Jongno-gu. Free download Israel travel guide - Frommer's Israel. Free download Philippines travel guide - Lonely Planet Philippines.

Free download Mongolia travel guide - Lonely Planet Mongolia. Free download Jerusalem travel guide - Dorling Kindersley Jerusalem. Listen to your guide explain the lifestyle across the river as you observe the village of Kijongdong. Free download Iran travel guide - Lonely Planet Iran. Free download Pakistan travel guide - Footprint Northern Pakistan.

Free download Tokyo travel guide - Dorling Kindersley Tokyo. Next, head to Dorasan Station, a historic and symbolic spot that marks both the division and a gateway of exchanges between the north and the south.

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Free download Thailand travel guide - Lonely Planet Thailand. Free download Goa travel guide - Lonely Planet Goa.

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