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Preventive Maintenance

Daily Machine Tool Preventive Maintenance. Daily Robot Preventive Maintenance. Ask one of our engineers what a preventive maintenance program would mean to your manufacturing capacity and profitability.

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In each case the specified tolerance represents the total range within which the pointer is allowed to deflect. In the case of long beds with more than two legs it must be between two legs. Measurement of Vertical Angle Using Theodolite. Hence, the tolerance must be directed in opposition to this deformation.

Grease the balancer housing, if applicable for your robot. Inspect and where necessary clean the controller cabinet of dust and dirt. The front shears are, therefore permitted to be arched or humped upwards convex only, while the rear shears may be less convex or even slightly concave.

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Check coolant daily and maintain the correct coolant level. Check the robot controller cooling fans. The two main types are the horizontal, and the frame spirit level. Check the robot connection cables to make sure that they are free from severe kinks, that there are no cuts or tears in the wire insulation and that all terminations are secure. Vibration Analyzer- Measures and records machine vibration characteristics within the drive system.

Clean all sensors and optics, and visually inspect components for damage. Popular in Indicator Distance Amplifying Instrument. Failure to replace the batteries before they die may result in you having to re-master the robot. Check the air regulator and make sure the air pressure is correct and that there is no moisture in the lines.

Basic Machining Reference Handbook. This slideway is usually plane whilst the front slideway may be intentionally convex.

The measurement is started at the center of the bed with zero reading as accurately as possible. When the dial gauge is being moved along the test mandrel, the pointer is allowed to deviate in the stated direction only. However, if closer tolerances are needed, an expensive additional operations and tedious selective assembly have to be carried out. Use as a benchmark for future tests.

Tests that cover the vibration behavior of any machine tool are difficult. Verifies machine vibration against established criteria. In order, therefore, to evaluate the relative merits of machine tools it is essential to perform the acceptance tests, abbyy finereader convert pdf to word online i.

Moreover, the overhanging weights of the carriage and the cutting resistance force the front shears apron side down and lift the rear shears. For the manufacture of components to medium or coarse tolerances, wide tolerances may be permissible. Check the hydraulic unit and lubrication tank daily to see that the pressure and fluid levels are correct.


Machinist Course - Precision Measuring and Gaging. Tighten the external main mounting bolts.

Experience shows that lathe beds wear more rapidly in the center than at the ends. In these cases, the spirit level is moved along the surface to be tested. The above tests make it possible to ensure that the Four Corners of the bed lie in a horizontal plane, and this plane is the datum for all following measurements.

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From this point the spirit level is moved to the right and to the left. It is advisable to check the leveling in the transverse direction simultaneously with the previous step. Table below shows the permissible deflection of cylindrical mandrels with mm in length and held between centers. The spirit level should be used on a bridge the feet of which are spaced about mm.

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Their bearing surfaces should be as wide as possible. Clean chips out of the machine daily, and check for areas where chips may collect and compact. Clean all chips and debris from the mechanical unit.