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One Night at the Call Center by Chetan Bhagat

What kind of person thinks it's appropriate to meekly tolerate a boss's betrayals without a word, then all of a sudden blackmail him with a made-up email and physically abuse him? This book describes the sordid saga of Indian call centre employees. Any news on the call centre?

The driver finally reached a stretch of empty road and raced the Qualisfast. SlideShare Explore Search You.

One Night @ the Call Center

For me this is verging on blasphemy. She has to catch the Qualis after her shift.

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If you remember, I had justwoken up at my home. Come soon-curly wurly It was Shefali.

One Night at the Call Center

It is never easy for guys to work with a hotgirl in office. Didn't connect with any character in the story but they were quite realistic. We stayed quiet for a minute. He rarely speaks more than three words at a time. Join Reader Rewards and earn your way to a free book!

It takes place during the span of one night, in which all of the leading characters want their lives to change. One night they got a phone-call from God within the story, which comprises the bulk of the book, relates the events that happen one night at a call center. Lost, dissatisfied Vroom has high ideals, but compromises them by talking on the phone to idiots each night. The other agents hav For the first three-quarters, pdf printing errors this is a perfectly decent novel about a group of people working at a call centre.

Traditional Radhika has just found out that her husband is sleeping with his secretary. This was my first Chethan Bhagat I read. Her Calvin Klein perfume will keep her carcass fresh fordays.

All customers are using the troubleshooting websitenow. Just the opposite in fact. That, by the way, is his trip.

You have your best-seller ready. Ifyou want to be more senior, you have to move up this curve. It's funny that we never say it. Trudging through ridiculous situations and horrible dialogues, one can find choice insults at the general American public.

Very mixed feelings about this book. Folding her legs beneath her, she began talking. Esha entered the Qualis and the smell of expensive perfume filled thevehicle. The flickering yellow light above was irritating me.

He inspired thousands This was the first Chetan Bhagat book that I'd read, soon after it was published, and trust me, I totally regret the decision! Hewore black jeans and trekking shows that made his thin legs look extra long.

So, torture comes first, and then freedom. If an American wrote a novel that expressed these opinions about the people of India, it would be immediately identified as racist and vile. Shefali would do some serious sulking today. No ceremonies have happenedyet. Hepassed an already burning cigarette to me.

The floor was so cold I felt I had stepped on anice tray. Thegaze becomes more fixed, and it is hard to pull away from it.

Download our Spring Fiction Sampler Now. However, he hates totalk and is not a voice agent. There was no hot water in the kitchen, and my face froze as Iwashed it with cold water.

And Chandigarh is not a small town, it is a unionterritory and the administrative capital of two states. Well, our Connexions was not one of them. Please forget about the exercise, my doubtingyou and enjoy the story. She had high cheekbones and her fair skin went well with her wispyeyebrows and soot-black eyes.

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