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Sunday April 29 2012

Most people believe that a computer printout is a sufficient record of a pipe stress analysis. Dear Anup, I have one question?

Thermal Expansion Analysis

There are a couple of reasons why. Wall deflection occurs before bending failure. This deformation is introduced during fabrication and erection by cutting the pipe length long or short, depending on the expected thermal expansion. The failure mode of a primary stress. Public safety is paramount.

Understanding pipe stress analysis software does not make for a solid foundation of pipe stress analysis. The analytical method can be by inspection, simple to complex hand calculations, or a computer model. For instance, if it is a water system with no outside forces applied to the piping system, inspection or hand calculations are usually sufficient. Simplified analysis is based on guided cantilever method.

The displacement stress range S E is the calculated range of secondary stress a piping system will generate when subjected to thermal expansion or contraction. Estimation of seismic stability of pipeline systems as a whole, as well as separate areas and support units.

How to perform a pipe stress analysis - Consulting - Specifying Engineer

Short, fat cantilever versus long and skinny. Select the graph for the material under consideration.

Stress Analysis of Piping

Stress Analysis of Piping

Move horizontally from the intersection to the left to find the value of factor B. This is to prevent load being transferred to connected equipment after displacement. Radial principal stress acts on a line from a radial line from center of pipe through the pipe wall.

Each force, acting on the cube can be resolved into force components, acting along each of the axis. Piping supports do not cause excessive interference with thermal expansion and contraction of pipe, which is otherwise adequately flexible.

For example, turning a water faucet on and off all day will create a fatigue stress, albeit low, because of the pressure being released and then built up. Circumferential principal stress, some times called Hoop or tangential stress, acts along the circumference of the pipe. The physics of pipe stress analysis does not change with piping code. Those that are duplicates of successfully operating installations. Free Pipe Marketing Guide Get compliant fast.

Proper guide spacing is essential for successful operation of Expansion Joints. Over strain of connecting equipment without material waste.


Stress concentration at crest or valley of corrugations. The code is clear as to which piping systems require an analysis, all systems require an analysis with the exception of the following. Repeated exposure to cyclic stresses.

The load of piping system dead load, product load b. But my problem is am going to attain a course on piping stres analysis. Vibration, flow induced or cause by rotating equipment.

However, because a piping system most likely will fail in bending before torsion, most piping codes ignore the effects of torsion. Cold spring in a piping system is the intentional deformation of the piping for the purpose of reducing pipe end reactions on supports and equipment. Pipe stress analysis is not an accurate depiction of the piping behavior, but it is a good approximation. In most cases, konjaku monogatari pdf if displacement or expansion stresses are perceived to be a concern e. Secondary stresses are due to cyclic thermal expansion and contraction.

Variable springs are used at balance applications. This is because of safety factors built into piping codes. Bending stress is the stress caused by body forces being applied to the piping. Most pipe stress analysis records will fill a three-ring binder. The thermal reaction is reduced to a lower value Rm by the equation.

Hanger rods may be with or without springs. They are exposed to full longitudinal pressure force. In all the equations above, T is purchase order thickness i. Various types of Expansion Joints are use to take care of displacements in.

The main difference in the two wall thickness equations is the simplified version is more conservative, quicker, and easier to calculate for scheduled pipe. Those that can be judged adequate by comparison with previously analysed systems and. Variable springs transfer the differential load occurring due to displacement to connected equipment or adjacent supports. Few nice points has been discussed on this post in linkedin page. The center line of the branch pipe must intersect the center line of the run.

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Each force, acting on the face of the cube divided by area of the cube face is called the principal stress. In this case, bending moment M is given by.