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Making images around the characters is inspiring, yet hardly original. On the other hand, she sometimes shows how certain characters may have several meanings, and this becomes overwhelming when five or six possibilities exist, often unrelated in meaning.

Here are some other words from Chineasy followers, which have touched me deeply as well. It's an interesting book, but I can only recommend it for people with a passing interest in the Chinese languages. Having the illustrations next to the hanzi themselves would of gone a long way to retaining. Creativity is the best teacher. Secondly, too many of the visual mnemonics are just drawn on top of a figure which won't really help you remember them.

Chineasy Methodology

Interesting, fascinating, enchanting and gorgeous. This book got me excited about learning characters! What this is, first and foremost, is an art book, something you can admire not just for the beautiful illustrations on the inside, but also for the way the book was put together and laid out.

Chineasy - ShaoLan

Recap Videos A lot of Chinese words are jumping around in your brain. Anyone looking to seriously study Chinese will not find this book so useful once they master the basics. Chineasy for me is a return to my artistic upbringing, and technology background. In fewer than pages, readers of all ages will have made the first steps towards a genuine appreciation of Chinese, loving every new character they learn. Most Chinese characters are built out of roughly building blocks.

Its a problem with the language that the images do not really clarify as well or often as one might hope. Then we see characters combined to form new words.

Also, some of the characters e. Working with renowned illustrator Noma Bar, she transforms Chinese characters into charming pictograms that are easy to remember. Secondly, a lack of sample sentences is rather annoying. The illustrations are great and the notes about the history behind the characters lead to great discussions.

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It felt like solving a puzzle. Often she provides the history of the word and shows how changes have taken place. Each Chinese character is illustrated using a picture that helps to represent the meaning. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

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It's easy to critisise a book of this nature because it will never do what every one wants, however what it does do it does very well. Chineasy's playful and appealing color illustrations are interspersed with practical pages showing learners how to write the characters. My problem is that it's more style than substance. Personalized Chinese Name Having a Chinese name is crucial for building relationships and moving forward in business. Chinese is one of the oldest written languages, and one of the most difficult to master, especially for Westerners.

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Working with renowned illustrator Noma Bar, she has developed a unique set of illustrations that are engaging and delightful, and offer a glimpse into the wonder of the Chinese language and culture. Organized into eleven themes that reflect our daily lives, it brings the stories and myths behind the characters to life, providing a unique perspective into Chinese history and culture. She's not consistent though when both exist, she consistently gives both.

For these purposes, I couldn't recommend this book highly enough, and I've already memorised quite a few of the characters in its pages without applying any real effort. Nice introduction to reading characters and compound characters.

ShaoLan has put a lot of effort and creativity into her hanzi drawings. Hsueh is a visionary, and I will be keenly looking out for more of her work! Blog Our Chineasy blogs shares language learning posts, cultural insights, and behind-the-scene stories. She introduced her revolutionary teaching methodology and graphic language in her bestseller, Chineasy.

Every time I cant remember what a character means I think back to see if this book has a picture for it. Short facts illuminate the meaning of a character or the origin of its shape, while a guide to the correct stroke order and grids to help with spacing allow learners to perfect their writing skills. She has a face that would launch a thousand ships and a smile to brighten up the world. By clicking on or navigating the site, you agree to allow us to collect information on and off Chineasy through cookies. Ways to start your Chineasy learning journey!

ShaoLan teamed up with Noma Bar to create a groundbreaking visual approach to teaching basic building blocks. You might be able to remember some characters, get a bit a hang of the system, but it simply doesn't provide enough background information.

You'll need something else for that. Easy to read explanations that make learning Chinese characters simple and fun. Unfortunately I don't think that many of the characters in this book will help for that.

Chineasy Methodology

Sometimes characters are changed slightly when attached to another. She is understandably annoyed that the character for women is derived from a time or place when they supposedly had to humble themselves in a subservient posture before men. Plus, many of the mnemonic devices she suggests are cumbersome.

Initially, I had fun trying to understand the characters and the meanings. It's not about learning to read Chinese for me I think I will try to walk before I can run but about understanding what it's about. The s are the language category, and the s consist of pretty much every non-European language. Open Preview See a Problem? Word Bank Save all your favorite words in one place, with pinyin, traditional, and simplified Chinese characters.

It is easy to understand, funny, and informative at the same time. Cute, but basically useless. For example, characters on pg.

This book by Shaolan Hsueh offers a system that tries not to focus on rote memory, the way that many Chinese students are taught to learn. Breaking down the Great Wall of language, fluid mechanics cengel solutions manual pdf ShaoLan Hsueh has unpicked Chinese characters and created a simple system for quickly understanding the basic building blocks of the written language.

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As it is, it's more of a friendly primer that will provide a first foothold for absolute beginners. She offers colorful, and sometimes full-page, artwork to help us initially recognize a character. However, as you can guess, if one does not use something like a foreign language it can fade from the back of your brain where you have so much information stored if you are an educated person.

It is more of a guide to keep around and inspect at random, or when one feels challenged to bone up on a difficult language. However, the novelty wore off quickly. However, I really don't think I would have gotten what I wanted from this book, so no big loss in my eyes. But beware, a bad name can spell embarrassment or disaster. Having a Chinese name is crucial for building relationships and moving forward in business.