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Thoroughly clean any spilled electrolyte from the Cleaning the batteries or the ground. The charging cycle will terminate if the temperature continues to rise. The brake is controlled by the speed controller logic.

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The G is an outdoor gasoline powered vehicle perfect for maintenance experts in multiple industries. Anti-Rolloff will automatically slow the vehicle if it starts to roll. If the voltage is less than the battery voltage then this wire is broken or has a bad connection.

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Always wear protective clothing and a face shield when working with or around brake fluid. Add brake fluid from a new sealed container to the master cylinder.

The normal operating range is in the green zone. Pack the thrust bearing with grease. Refer to Appendix C for recommended handling precautions. Refer to section for information regarding removing the springs.

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Do not drive the vehicle while the steering wheel or front wheels are tied in position. Electric and gas powered utility vehicles offer practical solutions with optimal performance. It contains sulfuric acid.

The parts must be replaced if any damage or wear is found. The R is a versatile solution that can be used as either a personnel or burden carrier during daily operations. Reconnect the main positive and negative cables at the batteries. Uneven tire wear could be a result of an improperly inflated tire or a misaligned or damaged front end. It is recommended to fill the batteries at the end of a charging cycle.

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During this warning period, the meter will continue to alert the operator. One type is has a grease fitting and a tapered shaft where it is fitted to the steering arm or pitman arm.

View All Personnel Carriers. Refer to the section for information.

Once the charging cycle is complete, the charger will monitor the battery voltage. Since this possibility exists, all brake parts should be handled as if they contain asbestos. Install the pinion gear, spacer, and shims into the housing. Measure the distance between the lines at the rear of the tires. Refer to Replace the Steering Gear section for information regarding removing the steering gear.

Release the park brake wheel brake only. Install the locking roll pins into the housing and cover to lock the ring nuts in place. Measure the distance between the lines at the front of the tires. See Replace the Master Cylinder section.

Does anybody have a trouble shooting flow chart? Place blocks under the rear wheels to prevent vehicle movement. Install the two brush assemblies so that the brushes are just far enough out of the brush holder so that the brush springs hold them in place away from the commutator. Temporarily install the pinion gear hand tighten only. Install the carrier bearing race ring nuts into the housing and cover.

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Highly maneuverable, narrow-aisle vehicles bring the operator closer to the material that needs to be picked. View All Utility Vehicles. If one or the other is not tied up then you must start from the beginning. Discharge the capacitor before continuing. To release the park brake, depress the foot brake pedal, pull up on the park brake handle, push the release button, and lower the handle.

To minimize oil spills, raise the side of the vehicle high enough so that the oil level is below the bottom of the axle flange. Refer to Tires and Wheels section for information regarding removing the front wheels. See the Transmission section for information on removing the motor.

The last four are Blue Green Yellow and White. Reconnect the lead to the diode.

Need Taylor Dunn wiring diagram. If a rash or skin irritation develops, sap mm module configuration pdf get medical attention immediately.

Install the outer pinion bearing. Press a new bearing into the motor housing and install the circlip. At this point both the steering wheel and the front wheels should be tied up and held in position. Only perform maintenance on the steering gear in an area that will contain any grease that may spill out of the steering gear when it is disassembled.

Lightly grease the input shaft splines, steering wheel splines and the upper steering shaft bushing. The vehicle needs charging if it is in the yellow zone. Refer to Steering Gear for information regarding removing the steering gear. Not all tools would be required for all vehicles. Red and Black are longer so I assume they went to the batteries.

Avoid not work with or charge battery in an area contact with skin eyes or clothing. The operation of each of these functions is described below. Refer to the Maintenance, Repair, and Troubleshooting sections for information on tools required. Refer to section for information on removing the tire and wheel assembly. Park the vehicle for a few minutes for an accurate reading.

Rotate the key clockwise to turn the vehicle power on, counterclockwise to turn the vehicle power off. View All Industrial Carts. To set the parking brake, push down on the brake pedal and pull the lever up until it locks.

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