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What members say Average Customer Ratings Overall. It's true the author has used some literary license to fill in some blanks, but he clothes the Biblical characters in flesh and blood! So far, it's been very good. They did not mention adultery. What a wonderful way to spend the Lenten season-reading this novelisation of the Bible.

Here is Paul the person, viewed through the eyes of his contemporaries. Surprisingly, the part of this novel that touched me the most was the scenes with the disciples after Jesus reappears.

Again, I am going to pick up on the Garden of Gethsemane passage, because this is a passage which I find very powerful, and Wangerin has not let himself down here. And I don't think it could have been done better. It is not a literal translation, but it was never meant to be. And I did read ahead a bit during both Holy Week and Easter, which definitely enhanced both for me. Before you could tuck it under your arm, before you could bring it up on your phone - you did not read scripture, you listened to it.

The Book of God (Audiobook) by Walter Wangerin Jr

The covenant that God ma Hats off to Walter Wangerin for even attempting to present the Bible as a linear narrative. Walter Wangerin tells us how the Biblical characters may I enjoyed this fictional book based on the Bible. Hats off to Walter Wangerin for even attempting to present the Bible as a linear narrative. From my perception of Wangerin, I see that he took the various story elements of the Bible and laid them out before him. Wangerin also does some remarkable things with troublesome or confusing passages.

Stays true to the stories, while giving additional details to add personalities to the people and give context to the story. No creation story or Noah's ark, but plenty of judges, prophets, and kings. The novel does not attempt to cover everything in the Bible. One chapter its Andrew telling the story, the next is narrative. It permeates English literature and language to such an extent that Ed Hirsch, Jr.

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Walter Wangerin Jr

This is due in part to the size of the book itself, but the strongest reason for avoidance is the density of its prose. Which actually makes it kind of humorous. He is crying to his Father for mercy, this is a last ditch attempt to change the fate of the world. Happy shall they be who pay you back what you have done to us! Absolutely Wonderful I loved listening to this book.

There are some excerpts from the Psalms and Prophets. Maybe some over-reaction on my part. The King James prose to the mo The Bible is one of the most influential and quoted documents in the world, yet it is also one of the least read.

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While I size up a front-to-back read of the real Audible-version thing, I have found this to be a superb primer. When I was getting totally sick of it I kept on because I wanted to see how he dealt with Revelation.

The book of god walter wangerin pdf

One of the main points that I felt was very important continues quite nicely from the points I was making about narrative structure, and that is that Wangerin has made these Biblical characters real. God has gone to great lengths to rescue lost and hurting people. Matthew Henry had the rare ability to express profound spiritual insights with simplicity and eloquence. So I was very excited when I picked this up. Now that may seem sacrilegious to some and to be fair I had some trepidation before reading this but I'm glad I did.

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All in all, a good reminder of the grace and mercy of God through Christ his Son. Though, that mig Terrific. This made it so easy to understand and remember all of the great stories we all know. But with Wangerin's work he really does highlight the character's fears, joys and pains, making it something that you can actually relate to. Just reading the Bible never brought me back for clarification, but this book brought me back to the Bible.

When he looked at me he did not see Leah. Israelites that have such impact.

The Book of God

This book was not one to change my opinion. While it is important to remember this book itself is not Scripture, it is a fine version of the story of scripture. But the author just didn't do a good job. Have had several say after reading this book they were then able to put the story in the Bible together.

It took me a long time to get going in this book, urdu hindi dictionary pdf and the New Testament portion was better than the Old Testament. This book probably has had a more lasting effect upon my spiritual journey than any other book besides the Bible. Altogether I think this book works best if one has a basic Bible knowledge.

It brings new life to people, places, and events to which we may have inadvertently grown desensitized. Shadrach and Meschach are on leave. Right from the start the emotions and humanity of the characters is made very, very clear. This man has made me cry tears of joy and wonder. Also the liberties taken in creating substance to an actual bible story to me seemed inaccurate in context of the cultural, social and religious setting during which they actually happened.

The Book of God The Bible as a Novel by Walter Wangerin Jr