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Thus not only that it is He, who is the Giver of the results but It is He, again, Who is the enjoyer or the sufferer of the results. Lakshmiinarasimha Panchaashat. Or one who grasps or receives the offerings made by devotees. All things, which can be used for contacting or striking, are His weapons. Truth has got a magnetism to attract to Itself all the ego and ego-centric passions of the individual.

By using this term in invoking Vishnu, by its suggestion, it declares that Vishnu and Siva are not two Divine Entities, but they are both manifestations of the One Essential Reality. Guruvaayuurappa Sahasranaamastotram. Ocean, the supporter of the waves, can never feel bothered by the stormy surface and the consequent increase in the number of waves. He who is the All-Powerful. Nangainalluur Hayagriiva Prapatti.

The Lord is one whose desires are all accomplished, so He has no attachment or aversion. The knower of the change must be something other than the change. Thus the Lord is One who nurtures and nourishes all living creatures instilling into each its particular vitality. He is the Inevitability behind the result of actions.

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Vedaanta Desikan Desika Stotramaalaa. Here He is indicated as Omniscient. Maheedharah -One who is the Substratum and support for the Earth. Not only for the men of Realization is He the Home, but for all creatures, movables and immovables, He is the Home, to which they all disappear to rest and to revive during Pralaya Sleep.

Tejovrusho dyuti-dharah sarva-shastra-bhrutam-varah. The Lord of Vaikuntha is the altar at which the devotee is preparing to offer himself in humble dedication and utter surrender. One who thus remains alone and apart, in His Own Majesty and perfection, even when the world-of-Maayaa is heaving about is Viviktah. Asankhyeyo prameyatma visistah shishtakruch chucih.

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Guruvaayupuriisha Mangalastava. He enables us to cross the ocean of Samsaara Taaranah and, therefore, He saves us from all Cosmic pains Adhibhootah. Villuur Nadaadur Karunakarachar. Vishnu is one who forgives us readily all our trespasses, and conquers for us all the inimical forces in our inner personality.

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Vaatsavaradaacharya Nadaadur Ammaal. Sriinivaasaraamaanuja Mahaadeshikan Andavan Ashramam.

Since the Lord, the infinite alone, is the very author and knower of the Vedas, He is the Teacher in all spiritual study. Eesvara, is said to function as Eesaanah. As the desire arises, the mind plans out and the body acts towards its fulfilment.

At their meeting, Yudhistira presented Bhishma with six questions. Narasimha Gadya Stuti Narasimha Gadyam.

Maha Vishnu is the Governor of all, and the Protector of the good. The Mighty Truth, who, in the form of the Sun, gives life to all and lends this energy to them to act, foxpro pdf viewer is Vishnu. That which has the nature of pervasiveness is Vishnu.

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He represents the maintenance force that keeps creation going. The Supreme is the Destroyer of the enemies of the gods.

So the name means One who goes into the hearts of devotees or One who throws the evil Asuras to a distance, i. Vyakta-roopah -He who has a form- clearly perceptible to the meditator in his meditation. Sarvah sarvah sivah sthanur-bhutadir-nidhir-avyayah. That state is called Viraamah.

Lakshmii Sahasranaama Stotram. Aachaarya Vimshati a stotram on Swami Desikan. In case of any issues send us an email.

VishNu SahasranAmam consists of slokas. In total, there are slokas in Vishnu Sahasranamam.

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Yugaadi-krit -One who is the creator of the divisions of aeons, described in our Puranas, as Yugas. The term gati is used to denote not only the goal, but the very movement, as well as the direction and the way. He is the one who pervades all and nothing ever pervades Him.

Lakshmiinrusimhaadi Suprabhaatam. In the same way Brahman is the one Sun in the universe of living creatures illumining all experiences of all creatures. Hayagriiva Ashtottarashata Naamaavali. It therefore must also connote One, who has the whole created world as His own form, since the creation is His own manifestation as the Subtle and the Gross.

This is not to be taken literally. Govinda Daamodara Stotram. Nangainalluur Hayagriiva Totakastuti. The powerful men of strength and valour when they grow in their audacity to become tyrants, the Lord manifests to destroy such Raakshasas and thus protects the Dharma and the Good. In short, Maha Vishnu is the Pure Self, ever Immaculate and totally Free from all the sorrows of the constant modifications taking place apparently in the Prakriti.