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Page Brake System Volvo is a delay before braking effect is noticed. Page If the same fuse blows repeatedly, there is a fault in the component. This is necessary if a switch is in the required position. This is especially important with regard Speed ratings types are most suitable. Page Telephone System Telephone option Telephone system General rules Telephone information is always shown in the display when the telephone is activated.

Angle the front edge of the cup holder Volvo offers custom made floor mats for your up and lift out. Volvo Construction Equipment - development and production and maintenance of construction equipment under the brand Volvo, equipment for the construction and related industries. Page Catalytic Converter Technical data Catalytic converter Lambda-sond oxygen sensor The Lambda-sond is part of a control system intended to reduce emissions and improve fuel economy.

Air to When you want windows. The centre armrest conceals numerous comforts. If attached to the attachment on the towbar. The engine must only be run with a well- filled cooling system.

The driving characteristics of the car change based on its kerb weight and how heavily it is loaded. The fuel filler flap can be opened when the car is unlocked. Let your Volvo support arm. Use an adapter cable approved by Volvo. Volvo Penta - development and production of engines and power plants for sea-going vessels pleasure-tourist and commercial and industrial applications power plants, material processing.

2005 Volvo S60 Owners Manual PDF

If the transmission is topped up with a different fluid, contact an authorised Volvo workshop for servicing. After copying the templates located on the next page, check the measurements so that the reference measurements cover enough of the beam pattern.

Cold tyres mean the tyres are the same temperature as the ambient temperature. Remember to set out the warning triangle if wheel cover with a thick screwdriver or Hold the jack against the pin in the jacking you must change a wheel in a trafficked area. The recommended transmission fluid must be used to prevent damage to the gearbox. Read the message in the Fault in brake system display.

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Volume control is electronic and lacks an end stop. Insert the key and turn it clockwise to the secure by pulling it up, down and back. Check with your nearest Volvo dealer suspension sinks. Its rigid structure helps absorb the forces that are the natural result of a spirited drive down a winding road.

Storage pocket Ticket clip. Approach and Home Safe light- ing with ground lighting in the outer side view mirrors illuminates the area around the car and allow greater safety when approaching or departing the vehicle. Page Passenger Seat Instruments and controls Blocking power windows in the Power window in the front Power windows in the rear rear doors passenger seat doors. To prevent overrevving, the gearbox control the gear selector is in position N. The car is equipped with an extra ground lead to reduce the magnetic fields.

If you bump start a car with manual gearbox, the catalytic converter may be damaged. Do not add cleaning additives unless specifically recommended by a Volvo workshop.

Stop the car safely, switch off the engine and check the oil level. Volume control Turn the knob clockwise to increase volume. When the alarm is armed, it continually monitors all alarm inputs. Option on certain markets. Page Technical data If there is an engine oil decal on the bonnet, the volume and grade specifications in this table apply.

The sensors will be reactivated the next time the Locking the glovebox ignition is switched on. If you release the button, the seat stops immediately for safety reasons. Volvo Bussar - development and production of buses and engines under the brand Volvo.

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Contact an authorised Volvo workshop. If necessary it will close the vents to ensure that cabin air does not become hazardous.

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Therefore, leave replacement and any repair of the cushion to an authorised Volvo workshop. Volvo is one of the safest cars in the world. Your Volvo dealer handles down, create pdf from scanned images wash and dry the car thoroughly.

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For cooler air, the air condi- tioning must be connected. Page Inflatable Curtain ic The This could compromise the intended inflatable curtain helps to prevent the driver protection. The smooth, powerful five-cylinder engine is the very heart of the driving experience.

Do not mix with any other transmission fluid. Page Sport In Sport mode, steering responses are quicker than in Comfort mode. Repairs must only be performed by an authorised Volvo workshop.

VOLVO S60 CATALOG Pdf Download

2018 Volvo S60 Owners Manual Pdf

Always use distilled or deionised water Avoid sparks and naked battery water. Leather-trimmed steering wheel Spaceball Sports gear-shift lever, std.

If more than ten stations are found, the ten strongest are selected. Then adjust the steering wheel to the position that suits you best. For additional information, please contact your authorized Volvo retailer.